Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites...Pepperplate

I have been really sick lately.  Like, all you feel like doing is laying in bed kinda sick.  I hate it when you're on the tail end of not feeling good, like when you feel like you might could muster up the strength to get out of the bed, but when you try it, it just sets you back for another two or three days.  This time I just decided to wait until I was really and truly well enough to get back up and around.  Because of that I had A LOT of time on my hands - time to sleep, read, peruse some of my favorite blogs, etc., etc. 

One of the things I came across while I was sick was a new app that I have TOTALLY fallen in love with.  It's called Pepperplate.
For quite a while I've been wanting to condense all of my recipes into one place, but the thought of doing that has just been exhausting.  I mean, handwrite all of them?  Type all of them?  Either one sounds like a nightmare!  Make copies of all of them?  Again, just time consuming and not at all something I was looking forward to.  So I have put this particular project off for a while.  But when I came across this app, it was perfect.
There are several things about this app that I absolutely LOVE.  For one thing, when entering in all of your recipes, if they come from a supported website, you can simply enter in the URL of your recipe, and it will enter the recipe for you!  One site that I love is Southern Plate and a ton of recipes were compatible with this site, so I  was able to easily upload them into my recipe list.  You are able to create multiple categories for your recipes, and are able to share and print them.  You are also able to use the app to create and print out meal plans, shopping lists, and more!  It took me about four hours one day to create my new online recipe book, but now that it is created I am absolutely hooked and can't imagine why I didn't do something like this sooner! 
Take some time and check it out; I'm sure you won't be disappointed!!
Happy Friday!

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