Monday, August 8, 2011


On July 31st, I turned 31 (isn't that cool; 31 on 31...the only time that will ever happen in my life!).  I'm sorry - obviously it doesn't take much to amuse me.  Anyway, I had a great 31st birthday...I wasn't really sure how 31 could follow up 30, because that was a big year for me, and my sisters threw me a really great "over the hill" 30th birthday party.  This year Katie had a party for me at her house, and we had a great time swimming and celebrating me! :)  I also got some great gifts.  It was just a really fun time.
Acting surprised about getting my Viva perfume from mom & dad...please excuse the lack of was a pool party, after all!

some of the best "gifts" I got - kisses from my kiddos!

I got this really cute bag from katie - and i promise I wasn't eating it...

Lilbit had a great time at my party, too, even tho she was angry that she was in her diaper with boys around...
Kylie woke up on the morning of my birthday and whispered in my ear, "mom, come here; I've got a surprise for you."  Upon entering the den, this is what I saw:
She had cut me a piece of leftover birthday cake and poured me a glass of milk & put it on this sweet
Then on Sunday the Murphys had a get-together for me, as well.  That meant so much to me :)  I got to eat off of the "birthday plate" (which made Drew mad, because he said he didn't get to eat off of the special plate on his birthday party, but whatever), I got some sweet gifts & cards, and I got to watch for the first time my littles interacting with each other playing on the floor together (don't get me wrong, they have been on the floor all together at one time before, but this day they were actually all playing with toys at the same was so fun to watch!). 

These were even yummier than they look!
I just loved my birthday, because even though it was very simple, it just reminded me that I'm important to the people that I love, and that is all it takes for me to feel special!  Thank you, family, for making 31 so great!
And, of course, I didn't even get to blow out my own candles...

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  1. aw! what a fun day! happy 31st birthday…a bit late. :\


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