Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Christmas in August

Last year my sisters & mom & I started a new family tradition...Christmas in August!  This year I got the opportunity to host this great event, and we had our big party last night.
The whole crazy group
This is what greeted the gals as they walked through my front door:

Now, I am not a crafter, but this little dry erase board was easy to make and super cheap...$1.00, to be exact!  I just got an old picture frame from up in the attic and painted the wood white and then covered the cardboard with Dollar Tree wrapping can write directly onto the glass!  Cute and cheap!  

But I digress...we really had a great time.  We had a fun evening filled with great food (my menu was a chikfila chicken tray, cheese fondue {you can find the recipe here}, sausage balls, puppy chow, and chocolate covered strawberries!), fun crafts, a failed attempt at watching the Polar Express, early Christmas presents, and a lot of fun fellowship!!
Gee bought the girls fuzzy journals with their initials on them & fall coloring books!  They loved them!!

Our adorable gifts...a fall scent warmer and a bag for our wet swimsuits...cute!!
I was really surprised that the girls did as well as they did with their crafts...they all took their time and worked really hard to make their snowglobes exactly how they wanted them...
They turned out cute.!

These were not the kiddie crafts...these were the adult crafts...we worked hard on ours, too ;)
We also collected food for a food drive that was going on at Gee's work...we had four bags full of canned goods when we got everything together!
The girls with their canned goods
All in all, we had a really great night celebrating the most wonderful time of the year...I just hate that it's still approximately 140 days away!  :(

*For all of the pictures from our fun night, check out the Christmas in August album here

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  1. you & your family are so fun! what a great idea to have christmas in august! …& i love your idea for the dry erase board!


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