Tuesday, September 27, 2011

an extremely long post about an extremely fun par-tay

on saturday i had the great honor of throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law kristen.  kristen is having her first baby girl in november {she already has a sweet little boy, murphy!}.  it was so much fun getting out a little creative energy...and i really love throwing parties...and i really love kristen, so this was just a lot of fun for me!!

all of the fun party details:

*the party was at 10:00, so i decided to do brunch

this buttermilk pound cake was glorious...and it actually has a {crazy!} story behind it.  party details were all going well right up until about 10:15 the night before the shower.  i mean, perfect timing for things to go wrong; right?  i had planned all day on making a vanilla ring cake that is so scrumptious...however, when i pulled out my shortening, i found that it was old.  like, disgusting old.  so what was the first thing i did?  called my mom for help {she just happened to be in TX}.  actually, i lied.  the first thing i did was cry.  and then i called my mom.  for like the first time in my life i did not follow her advice...instead, i got online and went to taste of home and googled pound cakes.  and i found THIS AMAZING RECIPE.  it was so good that i was actually glad that the shortening had gone bad!  i will definitely be making that again!

*the decorations were all from the dollar store and the evergreen forest {that's what my kids call the wooded area at the back of my land :)}

do you see the whole middle row of food?  a whopping eight dollars for all of those dishes...i made all of them...remember when i told you how to make them in THIS POST?  {just an add-on:  i wanted to take them apart after i made them so i could use the sundae cups, bowls, and plates separately, so i just used hot glue.  however, if you want to be sure they stay together, use something strong like gorilla glue}.  i love having a beautiful layout that came from the local dollar tree.

loved the nature added to it...

we took a field trip out to the evergreen forest and collected these sticks and twigs to put down in these vases i bought from the dollar store...the little red berries came from the dollar store, and so did the cute cheetah print coasters {kristen's baby bedding has cheetah print on it, so it was perfect!}.

the last time i went out to my parents', i did what i do best {directed child labor} and sent my kids out to pick up a ton of pine cones for me to use around my house.  all their hard work paid off...

*we only played one game, but i really think the guests liked it...i uploaded 10 songs that have the word "baby" in the title of the song, and the guests had to guess who sang the song and what the title of the song was...we had everything from "Baby, Now That I've Found You" by the Foundations to "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears to "Baby It's Cold Outside" by Leon Redbone...fun game!  i also had all of the ladies guess what day they thought sadie would arrive, and how much they thought she would weigh.  i then framed it and gave it to kristen for her to keep for the big day!

and of course, the gifts were plentiful...

it turned out to be a really fun shower, and i was really glad that i got to throw it...and even more glad that out of the whole weekend that i was sick, for those three hours of the shower, i felt amazingly fine...God is good {all the time}.  all the time {God is good}.  and on that extremely corny note, i will end this extremely long post.  happy tuesday!

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