Monday, May 21, 2012

diapers and wipes case

so you may remember this post where i told you about how i have taken up sewing.  i know it's been a long while since i have shared any other projects, but that does not mean i haven't been sewing like crazy!!  drew really made fun of me, because all of the second half of game 7 of grizzlies v. clippers i spent watching the game while gathering ruffles for a skirt that i made for kylie.  i have become obsessed.  i mean, really, i am just wanting to share with everyone the fact that YOU CAN DO THIS!  i mean, i am completely non-crafty.  completely non-artsy.  completely not talented with my hands.  so i know that if i can sew, you can, too!  and it DOES save you money, too...

so just to prove my point, over the next week i am going to show you some of my latest projects and tell you exactly what it cost me to make them.  after this, i am sure that you will be convinced that you need to go out and get a sewing machine and begin your sewing journey.  and you will love me for convincing you to do so.  so without further ado, project no. 1, the diapers and wipes case...

lilbit's diaper bag is a brown & hot pink owl bag, and so when i saw this owl fabric at hobby lobby, i knew that it would be perfect!  i got the hot pink polka dot fabric at hobby lobby, as well, and together, both fabric pieces cost me a whopping $2.00!  the button cost me $1.39, and the elastic cost me $ all together, with tax, my diapers & wipes case cost me approximately $6.00.  if you've ever gone to try to buy a cutesie diapers & wipes case, you know that's a pretty good deal!!!

thanks for the inspiration, steph...when i went to visit julie, she had a cute wipes case from her sister-in-law stephanie, and i knew i had to try it!  i used this tutorial as my "pattern". 

so there it is, project number 1...can't wait to show you what's next!
happy monday!

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