Monday, June 11, 2012

anniversary weekend

do you ever have those weekends that are absolutely amazing?  that was my weekend.  and it was for a lot of different reasons.  today i'm going to share with you just one of the reasons my weekend was so great...

on friday, drew told me that he had something planned for our 10 year anniversary.  and boy, he was right!  we started the afternoon off by dropping off the kids at his parents house...just the fact that we were kid free all evening and saturday morning lends itself to a special weekend; right?! :)  after we dropped off the kids, we went and checked in at a local hotel {yay!}...

after getting settled in, we went out to dinner.  here's where it got kinda...well, awkward.  my very favorite restaurant is that's where he was going to take me.  when we pulled into the parking lot, i said, "that's funny; that looks like - wait, that IS mom and dad's car!"  and right beside their car was daniel & julie's car, who were in from TX.  GREAT.  you get away from the kids and still have mom & dad and sister there.  and of course, where does the waitress seat us?  right beside mom & dad's table!  i just politely asked if they would please seat us somewhere else.  it was crazy.

 {check out jett jett getting into julie's food while she was coming to take a picture for us!}

so after we ate at firebirds, we headed off to do some shopping {the boy knows the way to my heart} and then to get some ice cream.  we then headed to what i call the "cheap movies" {you can go to a movie for $2.00 there! crazy}, and we saw two movies back to back.  we rarely get to see movies in the movie theater because they are never clean enough, but we saw mirror, mirror and wrath of the titans, and they were both completely clean. 

it was a really laid back, relaxing evening that was spent just the two of us...i would rather have that than anything in the world.  it was so fun! thanks, drew, for such a wonderful night!

happy monday!

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