Tuesday, June 12, 2012


i mentioned yesterday that we had a really great weekend.  one reason was because of my awesome anniversary get-away, planned completely by my hubby.  another reason was that i got to witness my brother-in-law get ordained as a deacon in a service led by my own husband.  wow!  what a blessing all around!

i just have to say how proud i am of my brother-in-law, jeremy.  he is a really godly man who loves his family and loves the Lord.  it is so neat to see how he has grown over the years {in more ways than one, ha!}.  he is a servant in the truest sense of the word, and really seeks out ways to minister to people. my sister katie leads our hospitality ministry at FBC, and together jeremy & katie have served and ministered with excitement and love to new families at our church.  we are so blessed to have them serving at Fayette Baptist, but even more blessed to have them in our family! 

love you, katie and jeremy, and am so proud of and excited for you!!
happy tuesday.

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  1. Love them! Well said on the post and nice pictures.


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