Saturday, November 24, 2012


 two weeks ago, granddad murphy went to be with Jesus.  granddad was loved by so many people, and we will all miss him so very much.  but i cannot even imagine what he must be experiencing right now.  it is really wild to sit and think of what he must be doing and seeing and feeling and thinking.  i cannot fathom it.  i just know it is far better than anything he experienced in this life, and that he is far better off than he was here!

over the last couple of months, drew was able to spend quite a bit more time than was normal with granddad.  drew says somehow he knew the end was drawing near.  he spent time going over to eat lunch with granddad & grandmother, and had some good talks with granddad.  in fact, on one very special day just a couple of weeks before he went to heaven, granddad told drew how that he was so ready to go, and was at peace about it.  he also told drew that one of the greatest joys in his life was having his grandson as his pastor.  what a special thing for drew to hear!!  i will never forget the day when he told me how thankful he was that drew had found me, and that he was so proud of the mom i am and of the girls we have raised so far.  these are memories i will never forget.  granddad will always be remembered, and i'm so thankful for the time i got to know and spend with him, and for the time he spent loving on my girls.

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