Wednesday, December 12, 2012!

so thursday, december 6th was one of the best days was kind of a crazy day, because i had a women's ministry event that i was organizing that night, and there were last minute details to finish up and loose ends to tie up before heading out to somerville for a fun evening.

the event turned out to be a really great time, and i came back home tired and ready to call it a night!  however, as i was looking for my keys to let myself in, someone banged on the door {from the inside of the house} and nearly gave me a heart attack!  it was kenzie jumping up and down screaming something.  she quickly unlocked the door and screamed "i just became a christian!!!!"  i just started crying immediately.  it was so sweet to see just how excited she was.  i have prayed since the day that each baby girl was born that God would draw her heart to His and make her yearn for a relationship with Him.  i hate that i was not there to see it when it happened, but over the last year, she has been filled with so many questions, and has just had a longing to know more about Jesus and to give her life to Him.  we have really been cautious with her, wanting to be sure that she not only understands why she needs to follow Jesus, but also what it will cost to follow Him.  it was so sweet, the night she accepted Christ, drew said she came into  the room and said, "okay, dad, look...if you're not going to let me get saved, then just tell me what i have to do so i can just go do it by myself!"  haha.  she was ready to follow Jesus whether we said it was time or not!  he said he just knew that she was ready {he had prayed the day before that God would give him a peace one way or the other}.

just a really cute side story about all of this...for the longest time, kylie has - i hate to say "rubbed it in", but she has definitely let kenzie know that she {kylie} has something that kenzie doesn't {jesus in her heart...terrible; isn't it? what a good christian she is}.  so her big thing she always says to kenzie is that kenzie isn't in "the fold" know, she has painted this picture of a bunch of sheep inside a fenced area, and she has let kenzie know that she is OUTSIDE of the fence {her nomenclature: the fold}.  well, when i went to tuck kenzie in that special night that she had asked Jesus into her heart, this is how our convo went down:

kenzie:  mom, i am just so happy!
mom:   oh, i am too, kenzie.  so very happy!
kenzie:  you know one of the things that i am just so happy about?
mom:  what's that?
kenzie:  that i'm not a goat anymore!  now i'm a little lamb who's in the gate!!!!!

haha.  still the same quirky kenzie.  love that girl, and am so happy to see her give her life to Jesus.

kenzie murphy, age 6, prayed to receive christ december 6, 2012 with her dad...praise Jesus!!

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  1. How Awesome! Proud of that girl! She is so precious! I am sure that you and Drew are very proud as well!


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