Monday, December 23, 2013

staycation day one: childrens museum

before i jump into this post, i just have to ask, do you like my blog makeover?  i have never changed it since i first started my blog, and i think it's kind of funny that two days before christmas i put up a christmas-themed header.  whatever; it just means that i'll have to come back in about three days and rework a new blog header.  but i was just really and truly so sick and tired of my old look that i knew i needed to do something new.  anyways...moving on to this post...

drew and i agreed recently that it was of utmost importance that we get away.  it didn't really matter what that looked like, but he had basically two weeks of vacation time left and we wanted needed to get away!  as we weighed our options about where we could go, we realized that a big vacation right before christmas was not really ideal for us from a financial standpoint.  so instead, we agreed that we would do a staycation...yep, we stayed right in our little hacienda but took on some of the sights and sounds of the big city nearby!  and i have to say, this truly was one of my favorite vacations we've ever taken.

we started out the day in true murphy fashion, by going to tops was so delicious!  i sadly did not get a picture of all the great food that we ate throughout the week, but i'll try to give a rundown of all the great places we ate.  we always say food is the best part of vacation...

after we got done at tops, we headed out to the childrens museum.  we had never been to the childrens museum before, and it was really awesome!  the kids LOVED it.  we definitely said we will do that again soon.  please forgive me for the photo overload.  if you are not my mom, you seriously probably will not want to see this blog post all the way through.  but hey, they're my memories so i have to put them all in here...

{she's trying to act scared of the tornado...instead she looks like she's covering up a yawn...}

{kenz said forget the stool; she got up close and personal!}
and then drew decided he needed to get in on it, too!
I'm not ready for this to happen for another 20 years!!!
{a girl after her mom's own heart:  ice cream, ice cream, and the only vegetable?...corn!}
drew challenged the older girls to a "leggo" war...they each had five minutes to create a masterpiece and he would judge the winner...they took it very seriously and were both mad at the fact that they BOTH created a swimming pool and diving board...uh-oh, following in me and my sister's footsteps of loving/creating/wanting/buying/having the same things in life...
{when the race began, she had to stand up because things got so serious!}
{i love that i caught kk's face like this...she was astounded at where she caught sight of kenz!...}
{if you look very closely, you can see her at the top of the skyscraper!}
{even drew got in on the playtime!}
{kenzie has always wanted to play a harp, so we basically had to drag her away from this...}
i don't even know what these things are called, but my kids love the handheld ones...needless to say, when they spotted these lifesize versions, they were all about them!  they played with these things FOREVER...this first picture is so funny, starting from right to left, it is kylie, kylie again, kolbie, and funny!
{kenzie's face}
{and, yes, kenzie again...}
we had a really great time at the museum, and finished off the day by eating dinner at steak n shake, my absolute favorite burger joint. 
 it was an awesome day, and pictures say it better than words can...when we got home and settled in, around 7:30 i got to thinking about how quiet it was and started calling out for kk.  after she didn't answer for a little while, i got up and started looking for her.  i found her in her room like this...
bless her heart, she was completely conked out from a totally fun day.
day one, children's museum:  total blast!!!
and if you made it to the end of this totally long post, happy monday :)

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