Friday, October 19, 2012

disney world one, sea world!!!

so we went to disney world.  and we came back alive.  and not hating one another - well, at least i think we don't hate one another.  we definitely had our moments...but with 20 people in a place that has so many choices to make: which park to go to on which day, where to eat, when to eat, when to play, when to ride, when to -- well, i think you get the idea -- i guess there's bound to be some scuffles & disagreements.  we had a GREAT time, though, and i wanted to write down our memories so that we can look back and enjoy the fun that we had while we were there.

we left the reed house at around 7:00 pm on friday night, all of our luggage and children and adults packed into two 15-passenger vans.  we really are psycho.  the night started with a bang, because katie was sick and spent the first hour puking in a lowes bucket.  this did not, however, phase anyone - the girls kept right on playing their DS's, drew and jeremy continued to talk as if nothing was being thrown their way, and i just put in my earbuds and sang some audrey assad while looking at this old house magazines.  the puking finally subsided and we were able to travel all through the night, and we made it into FL around 8:00 the next morning.  at that time we stopped for chick-fil-a, went to pick up our tickets, and went to pick up our strollers.  so we finally made it to sea world at around 11:00.

you know what was funny about this picture?  i thought just me & my hubs were in it...yep, i had no idea that daniel was crashing my picture.  but it was okay, because i got him back in a major way later on in the week.  but more on that later. 

i know that jules thought that this was not a very good day {she wrote about it here}, but i personally thought that this was a good day.  although we didn't walk through any of the aquariums, which i would have liked to do, we still got to see one world, which is the shamu show, and i got to ride manta two times {remember when i wrote here about why i didn't get to ride it last year?}.  this was one of the highlights of the day for me.  you basically lay down flat facing the ground through the whole ride, and it is one crazy ride!  it was a lot of fun!

it was really fun to watch kk in this waterpark...she is not afraid!!! she would walk over to the areas that had the huge buckets, and would stand under it until it turned upside down and dumped the whole bucket on her!!!  most kids would hate that, but not this little wild child!!

the day turned out to be a fun one, and was a great start to a really fun trip!
happy weekend!

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