Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Home Makeover: Kolbie's Room

It has been a reeeeeaaaaaaalllllly long time since I have shared anything on our home renovation.  Mostly because so many of my rooms are not completely done, and I don't want to share them before I'm finished with them.  Partly because I'm lazy and just haven't gotten around to taking pictures and sharing them.  Today I'm going to share Kolbie's room, because that is one room that is pretty much finished!!!  Get ready; there will be a lot of pictures (and words!) in today's post!

Now, let me just say here that KK's space is more of a "nook" than a "room".  But that's okay, because she's just a Lil Bit and doesn't need much of a space.  From what I have heard, the original owner simply used this small space as a sewing room {or was it that she had a tanning bed?  IDK; I can't really remember}. We decided to use it as a room, since both of the older girls were dying to have their own rooms {but still to this day sleep together in the same room!}.

Here's what KK's room looked like when we moved into our home (please ignore the child in all the pictures):

After a thorough cleaning of all of the walls, window, and doorway, and taking down all existing window hardware and curtains, we ripped up the floor, put laminate hardwood floor down, and painted the walls.  This is what little KK's nook room looks like now...

 Kolbie's is one of the few rooms that I literally only had to buy like two or three new things; everything else I used from her room at our previous home.  We started by painting her walls a light ice blue.  I bought her frame over her bed when we went on our girls trip to Dallas a couple of years ago, and painted it brown to match her bedding.  Her curtains I purchased at Kirklands and have been very pleased with them!  I really think that curtains can make or break a room, and I love how that KK's curtains just kind of pulled the whole room together!

On top of her dresser are things we had at the previous house: the cross stitch that Amy did for her when she was born; the lamp mom bought her; the K that Nana bought her, the monkey that we stole from Kenzie {who, believe me, NEVER lets KK forget it!}, and the owl that I made for her first birthday party.

I don't know why her picture looks crooked here, but it's not; I promise - I'm thinking I just did not have my camera straight, haha!  The picture over her bed is the one I took of her spring photo shoot {remember those from this post?}, and of course we already had her bedding - but the bed we had to go ahead and break down into a toddler bed :(, because she did the whole jumping out and nearly knocking herself out so we figured it was time...

Her new curtains and the door hanger Julie made for her when she was born...

In the corner of KK's cubbyhole is her rocking chair {which we actually do still use sometimes, and I LOVE still rocking my baby girl to sleep!} and some wood shelves with some nicknacks on it on the wall.  On her rocking chair is the burp rag that Aunt Kristen gave to her (which I never used aside from decor because it was just too cute!) and her blanket that goes with her bedding.

On this shelf is her frame that Aunt Julie made for her shower, her snow globe that she got on her first ever trip to Disney World, and the owl painting that Kenzie made for her at a friend's birthday party.

On this shelf is the willow tree expectant mother that I got when I was expecting Kylie {yep, that thing is 10 years old and I still haven't broken it! - better knock on wood!}, KK's birth announcement, the Bible that she got at her baby dedication, a shoe that says Jesus Loves Me that Great Great gave her at her baby dedication, a piggy bank that Memaw and PePaw Reed gave her, a little girl praying, which also came from Memaw and PePaw Reed, and a picture album of all of the pictures from the day she was born.  As you can see, I have a lot of sentimental stuff on these two shelves in her room!

And there you have Kolbie Kay's room!  I love it and think it's the perfect little space for that crazy girl.  And I think it's a pretty big improvement over what the space originally looked like!  Home renovations can be fun!

Happy Wednesday!

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